Online Event: Comfortable Confident You

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Comfortable Confident You 

How do we develop a more authentic sense of confidence? 
Generally, what happens is that we hook confidence onto external things. When things are going well, we feel confident, but when things are not going well, in any area of our life, we lose confidence.
So, let’s start by asking ourselves ‘who or what do I base my confidence on?’
Maybe we base confidence on our physical appearance, or material possessions, and then there’s our relationships and how well they’re going – and many of us know how a breakdown in relationships can cause a huge sense of crisis.
Then there’s our mental and physical health, the activities we do, travelling…. the list is endless. Some might say these are all superficial, and if we base our confidence on how well we are doing in the world, then it can feel like we are on a constant roller coaster.
So how can we create a feeling of confidence that comes from within and build confidence from the inside out?
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Comfortable Confident You