Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre (HEART) Off Bennett Road

United Kingdom

   Introductory course in Raja Yoga Meditation running over 4 consecutive Tuesday evenings, 25th June, 2nd July, 9th July, 16th July.

Please note; the published course time is incorrect. The course starts at 6.30pm and finishes at 8.00pm each Tues evening.


More and more people are adding some form of meditation to their daily routine, either as an effective means of managing stress, a way to relax or to improve health in general. 


Raja Yoga Meditation is the process of rediscovering, using and enjoying the positive qualities already within each of us.


In time, this understanding becomes a natural part of your day to day awareness, positively influencing how you see yourself and how you relate to your world.


The concepts presented in this course are simple yet profound and are accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs.


You won't need a mat or any special clothes since this course consists of spiritual knowledge and meditation.We won't be doing any physical exercises.


  Free of charge.  Registration required

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