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It's not just the body that needs exercise and nourishment...⠀
Don't get me wrong everything you do for the body affects the mind but to really look after the mind it needs more focused (pun intended) attention.
Start thinking about what you are allowing through your physical senses - what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch.
If you perceive something as horrible you'll experience a 'horrible' feeling and this will leave a 'horrible' impression in your mind which in turn will affect your thoughts and feelings afterwards.
So start choosing nicer things to experience and try to see the positive in everyone and everything - this helps nourish the mind.
To keep the mind fit you need to exercise it to develop powerful thoughts, concentration and ultimately change things on an unconscious level.
So join us this evening/day to explore exercise routines and diet plans for the mind to keep it happy and healthy.
Hi, my name is Neil Jordan, aka 'Positive Neil'. I've been studying good thinking practices and meditation since the year 2000 and now I share what I've learnt and how it has completely transformed my life.
I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible develop their own ways of good thinking and meditation practices that will help improve their lives, reduce the stress and develop more focus. Everyone has so much potential within them and I want to help unlock it.
In my teens and early twenties, I found myself in some extremely difficult positions. My options were limited but I completely transformed my life to be where I am today. How did I create this transformation? I changed my thinking and continue to apply those same techniques on a daily basis. I understand that the development of real potential takes time and effort because I am doing it.
In 2004 I obtained a Life Coaching Diploma from The Coaching Academy and have been coaching, training and delivering talks and workshops since 2001.

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