Queen's Cross Parish Church Albyn Place United Kingdom

New information- Practical demonstrations- Easy recipes

and much more to help in the well-being of our body, mind and planet by following a plant based diet.  

֎How to prepare easy and healthy, balanced meals

֎Snacks and smoothies

֎Sprouting, greens and micro-gardening.

֎Lacto-fermented foods.

֎Foods that are claimed to be healthy but that are not.

֎Do we need supplements?


Our guest Speaker and demonstrator is Egils Gudermanis.

Born in Latvia, he started his studies in Raja Yoga Meditation with the Brahma Kumaris in Australia. Since 2006 he has been at the Brahma Kumaris Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Worthing, UK.  He does many different tasks there including cooking, baking, accounts and building maintenance.

This is a free event with a given opportunity to make a donation.

Venue has wheelchair access



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