Queen's Cross Parish Church Albyn Place United Kingdom

It’s a busy life for most of us, and it easily reaches a stage of feeling overloaded, frazzled, yet unable to say “STOP!  I need to press the refresh button!”

You can’t pour from an empty cup, and that’s why it’s essential to make self care a priority.  We need to learn the ways to thrive and flourish in a busy world with its never-ending demands on our time and on our resilience.


Our guest speaker, Isabelle Gautier,
has over the past 20 years enjoyed seeing how meditation has the incredible potential to heal and empower every individual.


Born in Quebec, Canada and having enjoyed an eclectic upbringing, Isabelle brings a richness and inclusivity to her approach to life.  She is currently based with the Brahma Kumaris in London, where she assists in many of its events, including women’s empowerment and in making meditation accessible to everyone.

This is a free event with an opportunity to make a donation.

The venue has wheelchair access.

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