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Sadly, many of us continually postpone our happiness – indefinitely.  It’s not that we consciously set out to do so, but we keep assuring ourselves that “Someday I’ll be happy.” A happy attitude has to be cultivated.  Take things lightly and go easy on yourself. Nothing is as serious as it looks, and nothing as bad as it seems.  If you have lost your happiness because you burnt your expensive shawl, broke your precious vase or scratched your new car, then think again.  Did you really ever think that those things could give you lasting happiness? So what about relationships?  What if that someone special, who seemingly gave you so much happiness, suddenly decides to exit your life in whatever way, shape or form?  Is your sadness not justified then?  Fortunately not!  To think that something or someone is the SOURCE of your happiness is an illusion the consumer industry has been thriving and booming on.  If you are happy in that one’s company, it’s because they are REFLECTING back the happiness that is already there inside of you. The happiness Raja Yoga refers to is not one derived from temporary experiences such as indulging in chocolates or receiving accolades, but rather an innate happiness that bubbles from within the moment you simply remember, that is re-member (reconnect) with your happy state.

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