InnerSpace Glasgow Academy House
346 Shettleston Road
United Kingdom

They say that our diet plays a big part in building immunity.  So too the diet of our thoughts plays a huge part in how we are feeling on a daily basis.  If I am moody one day, or happy another and sad another, then surely, I need to check the quality of my thoughts, for they are affecting my state of mind. So too as we ensure that our thoughts are consistently pure, positive and powerful, we are building the inner muscles of the soul.  This keeps us strong and supple at the same time.

Building immunity has to be a consistent effort.  You cannot just take vitamin C one day and hope that the effect will last for the whole winter.  We need to be vigilant to not allow toxic thoughts to creep into our awareness.  Getting enough sleep, rest and downtime, also builds immunity.  Create less stress for yourself.  Learn to let go and allow the flow.

As we are boosting our inner immune system, we begin to generate a state of homeostasis, an inner equilibrium and harmony that means that we are in a state of balance within, and therefore better able to deal with external stressors. On the soul level it means we are more able to stay happy and light at all times, regardless of the ups and downs of life. Poisonous thoughts, words, and actions will no longer be present in the system, nor will they be able to affect us. Instead, we will transform them into kind and loving thoughts and actions.

It’s Time… to pay a dose of attention every day to eliminating the toxins and building up our inner immunity.  Whatever we put into it will be worth it, as it is creating internal resilience and a healthy, happy mindset.

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