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Many feel justified by their angry reactions.

Others consider it to be a ‘natural’ fight or flight response. 

Yet anger serves very little purpose and creates a lot of damage.  It takes away our peace of mind, leaving us weak and empty. 

There is a lot of information out there about anger management, but a more relevant question may be, how do we transform our anger? Anger can be simply a pattern of behaviour, in other words, a habit that we have created over time where we repeat the same reaction to a certain situation. 

Habits by definition are unconscious … so to become conscious and aware of our reactions means that we can step in and use the power of choice. 

Through responding rather than reacting we can begin to change our destructive thought patterns.

Anger is a secondary emotion that surfaces in the form of heated words, a loud tone and wild actions. The primary emotion is ego-based, and springs from fear or a sense of injustice. 

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