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Blaming is the fine art of ‘off-loading’ and making others responsible for all the bad things happening to us.  However, is blame blameless?  Blame does not change anything.  Taking responsibility does!  We need to come off the couch of blame and take up the reins of responsibility in our own hands and take charge of our life. 

Blaming is a very toxic behavior, it is a vice in itself because it does not allow us to see the truth.  We remain stuck in the illusion that others are responsible for bringing me happiness, peace or success in all areas of my life and on all levels.  If we are waiting for other people to fix our life and make us happy then we will be waiting forever.

Taking responsibility means to turn the mirror onto the self, not to point the mirror at others and ask them to look at their actions.  If things are not working out in my life, I need to ask myself:  What could I be doing differently or better?  Taking responsibility means to be the first to change.  The ego wants to use blame as a cop out, and the ego wants to control everything and everyone.  But the enlightened responsible soul only wants to change the self, because the soul has realized that we cannot change anything outside of our own self.

Each one of us is on a personal journey…
no one can fix and sort out our own karmic stuff…

It is good to be there and help to support other souls, but we have to remember that each one of us is on a personal journey.  What this means is that no-one can fix us and sort out our own karmic stuff, our personality habits, patterns of thinking and beliefs.  For each one of us it is a personal inner journey, and each one of us has to do our own homework to pass our own examinations in life.

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