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The internet can be a good thing for sure.  There are lots of things to learn from it and there is knowledge and information at your fingertips.  But, just like with everything, it can be a double edged sword.  It is how we use it that makes the difference. 

Learning to “mind our business” is to do with mind management.  We need to pay attention to our thoughts, to take greater care of what is going on in our mind and life.  Spirituality encourages us to take a closer look at our self.  

To focus on our strengths and to appreciate and give value to these.  The more time we spend minding other people’s businesses, the less time we have to mind our own.  At the end of our life we do not want to be feeling that I have hardly lived my own life.  Like I was almost not even there!  And we do not want to be left asking the question: How did my life pass me by?

Take the time to manage our own mind and to mind our own business.  To check in with reality, to get off that computer or gadget and do something constructive and positive, to make it a “virtue reality” and not a “virtual reality”!

Guest Speaker: Kathryn Hendry

Sister Kathryn is an experienced Teacher of Raja Yoga Mediation & has been studying with the Brahma Kumaris for over 35 years.  Born & educated in Scotland, she lived in Europe for many years. Kathryn established the BK centre in Aberdeen, then lived in Karachi in Pakistan & is now organising BK events in Brussels.  She is a very warm speaker who enjoys sharing spiritual insights to inspire others on their journey of self-discovery.

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