Haslemere Hall - Thornton Heath Haslemere Hall
2 A Haslemere Road
Thornton Heath/ Croydon
United Kingdom

Every Sunday

Time :  1:45 pm to 5:45 pm

Within the University’s Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation, the core curriculum is offered under several main themes or lessons:

  • Consciousness and Self-Realization- Knowing ourself , Journey within , developing a relationship with the self
  • Our Home of Silence
  • Relationship with The Supreme Consciousness
  • Law of Karma
  • Eternal World Drama
  • Tree of Life

Raja Yoga Meditation: Course Benefits

The topics covered in this course lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your intrinsic positive qualities and your innate value. In time, this understanding becomes a natural part of your day to day awareness, constructively influencing how you see yourself and how you relate to your world.

In the process of exploring these universal concepts in the privacy of your own inner world through meditation, you will come to a first hand awareness of the interconnectedness of the human family and the rights, roles and responsibilities of individuals. This is very important in your spiritual development and will give you a fresh perspective on values such as justice, freedom, respect and love.

The concepts presented in this course are simple yet profound and are accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. Simple and honest effort is the only prerequisites for success in meditation. As in any field of endeavour, the rewards of meditation and spiritual study are in proportion to the time and effort you invest.


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