InnerSpace Glasgow 277 High Street United Kingdom

In a world where everything has become showy, noisy and full of superficialities, it is difficult to appreciate the power of introspection. Though it is the greatest means to refresh ourselves, we sometimes forget to use the art of quietness, which simply means becoming still for a few moments.

When we experiment by using a little introspective quietness, we quickly appreciate its ability to recharge and strengthen the inner life.

Introspection is about stepping inside and meeting myself a few times during the day. It is not about rejecting life and its challenges, neither is it about isolation. We choose to be quiet and turn inwards not out of fear or distaste but because it fills us with confidence and a sense of direction. It provides an opportunity to reflect on and understand the patterns in the self that create problems and require a change. It gives us the insight to begin changing ourselves.

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