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Every time you have a negative thought for yourself, catch yourself.

It is the negative conversation that goes chattering away inside that begins to pull you down, then you begin to believe it. But it’s not true because I, in my original form I am good, I am light. 

If you put yourself in a limited perspective, by seeing the self according to gender, age, profession or any of these external things, then it is very easy to be negative about the self.

Things will pull you down into the consciousness of the body,  but you have to take yourself up.

The world is ready to pull you down.

There is no one out there who will pull you up except you and the Divine.

Don’t have too many thoughts. Change the quality of thought and realize that the mind is racing and rushing, just reacting.   Give yourself space and begin to slow down the speed of my thought.  When you slow down you are able to choose the quality of thoughts you would like to have. 

This is an act of love.

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