InnerSpace Glasgow 277 High Street United Kingdom

Free Talk & Meditation 

Begin with making a list of the things you have to be grateful for.

When I experience gratitude and appreciation, I am more open to experiencing love.

When there is rejection and expectation it’s difficult to experience love.

And the same applies in my relationship with God. 

Next experiment with this idea of exploring your identity as a spiritual being, the inner being rather than being boxed into your physical identity.

Why? Because God isn’t a physical being.

God is a Being of light. When I see myself as a being of light then I am on the same wavelength & I can connect .

The Divine radio transmitter in sending a message but if my receiver is tuned to a different wavelength I cannot tune in.

You have to tune your receiver to the right frequency.

Let me be in tune :  and that means coming into a spiritual awareness of my own inner identity.

Tune into Unlimited Love, Divine Love !

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