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 We live in a world of constant noise, change and deterioration, yet, we seem to be always drawn to the things of peace and silence, experiences that offer alignment, harmony and inner unity.
Studies conducted on Silence have found that when the brain rests it's given the opportunity to regenerate it self.  Having a couple hours of silence a day can create new cells in the hippocampus.  This part of the brain is linked to our ability to learn, remember things and even store our emotions.  It has been found that noise can trigger the release of stress hormones.  This happens when a sound wave hits the brain as an electrical signal via the ear, and causes the body to react to these sounds.
Join us for an in depth talk on the need and necessity of Silence. 

About the speaker: Jim Ryan is a teacher, management consultant and author.  A long time student of RajaYoga meditation, he lectures extensively both in the UK and Europe on subjects such as spiritual philosophy, meditation and self-development. He is the author of five books. His presentations are a blend of humour, lightness, in-depth philosophy and practical up-to-date strategies.  
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