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 Life is all about relationships, and great relationships start with me! 

Why would you want to become your own friend? There are a number of benefits to creating your own internal support system rather than relying on your partner, friends or family to be there for you when you’re suffering. Having expectations of other people can lead to disappointment, heartbreak, and relationship breakdown if your expectations aren’t met.

When we turn our attention within, we begin to develop a deeper realisation that what we are looking for in others can be found within ourselves.  Join Matthew as he explores in more detail how we can do this.

About the speaker: Matthew (Earl) is a science graduate and former ‘spiritual sceptic’.  An interest in self-development led him to explore meditation, and he began teaching to pass on insights and techniques that he had used to quietly take all areas of his life to a completely different level. He takes simple & profound methods that work practically, and communicates them to great effect.

Now based in London, Matthew teaches Raja Yoga Meditation through courses, talks, and workshops.  He is also part of the ‘just-a-minute’ team, an international initiative, which provides tools enabling anyone to easily integrate the benefits of meditation practice into their daily routine.
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