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My friend…care for your psyche…know thyself, for once we know ourselves we may learn how to care for ourselves  - Socrates
Whether it’s in our health, finances, work or relationships, fallibility and imperfection are unavoidable aspects of being human.
Yet we often react to our inevitable human failings with self-criticism and negativity, which lead to stress, anger, anxiety, and depression.
The antidote to this is self-compassion – an inner strength we can cultivate so we face our failings with kindness, patience, and understanding.
Speaker: Dr Sarah Eagger (MB,BS, FRCPsych) is Chair of the Janki Foundation and a retired consultant psychiatrist formerly at Imperial College, London.  As a practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation for over 40 years and a certified Mindful Self Compassion teacher, she is an advocate of a values-based approach to healthcare. 

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