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This afternoon we will explore what the connection is between these two experiences and how we can use them to uplift our wellbeing. 

When we refer to silence, we are not talking about the absence of sound, but rather the condition or quality of our inner being.  And when we combine that with hope we can begin to move through life with purpose and optimism regardless of what is happening to us or around us.  Join us as we identify common beliefs that hold us back and explore practical methods to rejuvenate our lives.


About the speaker:  Toots beckett has been studying, practicing and sharing the teachings of Raja Yoga Meditation for the past 23 years. She works in an inner-city school in London school as a medical coordinator and supports the mental health needs of both the children and staff.  

Toots finds her spiritual practice essential in helping her to keep a quiet, organised and happy mind in the midst of her busy work schedule.  This has become more obvious during the past year of the pandemic where as an 'essential worker' she continues to keep herself at ease with it all.


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