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People’s life stories are always fascinating. In this series we are exploring how spirituality blends with the world of work.
Andrew Pettit
An educator for 20 years, specialising in English, Andrew has been Head Teacher since 2017 at the Suthers School, a new, non-selective secondary school with a unique character focus, serving the communities of Newark and surrounding areas. From September, he will be moving into a new role as Strategic Lead for Character Education. Andrew is married with two young children.
Sarah Cavanagh 
Sarah Cavanagh has a background in education and psychology, working with children, young people and adults. She is currently teaching autistic children and is involved in a regional and national project that aims to raise awareness of Autism within mainstream schools. She has been a student and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation since 1994 and co-ordinates the activities of the Brahma Kumaris Inner Space in Newcastle
Host and Facilitator:
Samantha Fraser has spent 20 years in primary education in the UK and countries in Southern Africa. She has been a student of the Brahma Kumaris since 1994 and is currently based at the National Co-ordinating Office in London.

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