Spikes bridge sports club, Spikes Bridge Park,
West Ave,
UB1 2AR,
United Kingdom

Time to Say Good bye- to what hurts

It is said pain is a signal that something needs attention.  Can we learn to look within our mind and emotions and see what pain still lurks there and needs attention so we can remove and heal from it?   Then we will no longer be triggered into that place of hurt time and again. Join us in the discussion how we can do this, including tips for letting go...

Speaker :   Toots Beckett 

Toots Beckett has been a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris for 19 years. She is a mother and works in inner-city London schools, supporting the medical and social/emotional needs of the children. Toots is fascinated by the continuity of life and loves to share the insights gained from applying the teachings of Raja Yoga in her practical life.


  Venue: Spikes bridge Sports club, Southall



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