Hounslow, 216 Bath Road, Hounslow, Middlesex TW4 7DE
PUBLIC TALK - You, Version 2.0 - How to Upgrade Yourself
We live in an age where technology is upgraded at ever faster speeds. Newer gadgets 
can do things quicker, more intelligently and more efficiently than yesterday's machines.
However, what about us? Just as we have SmartPhones, is it also possible to have 
SmartPeople? Is there a smarter version of you trying to emerge from you? What 
would you be like? Can you see the New You Version 2.0?
We will explore the importance of Unlearning vs Learning and take a closer look
at the meaning of Intelligence.....
Guest Speaker: Yogesh Sharda, who will share his experiences and the benefits
of meditation practice and how to make change easy. Yogesh has been practicing
meditation for over 30 years and runs the events for Istanbul, Turkey.  
All welcome - no need to book

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