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In these times of enforced isolation, people can easily slide into depression, loneliness, and be prone to panic attacks, and may even be afraid to venture out. A little understanding, self-kindness, and perhaps a little mind-training can make a difference. Talk and meditation with an opportunity to ask questions.
Speaker: Nick Christianson is an experienced meditator who presents and organises courses for the Brahma Kumaris in Leeds. He has previously been a Science and Mathematics teacher, taught disabled children, and worked with businesses.
This event will be live on Zoom at 7.30 pm with the following link or Meeting ID. No password is required.

Meeting ID: 871 6325 7995

Please note: The session will be recorded; however, participant's names and faces will not be recorded. Participants can make comments or ask questions using their 'chat' button.

The video will be uploaded later on the Leeds Facebook page.

You can find past Leeds Facebook Live and Zoom videos at the link below:

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There are currently no planned dates.

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