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We all have a voice of wisdom and also a voice that fills our mind with doubts and fears.

The unique art of "Self Listening" offers a very simple yet effective technique to help quieten and clear our minds.  The idea is to take a few moments a day to be still, listen to your own thoughts as they emerge and to get in touch with our true self.  By listening regularly to what is going on in our mind, gives us a chance to 'check and change' our negative tendencies.


Join us and discover how to tune in and listen to yourself so that you can readily address your own needs as they arise.

About the speaker: Sarah Trueman is an engaging facilitator with a light hearted and down to earth approach. She enjoys using spiritual tools for herself and sharing them with others. Sarah has been a student and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation for over 20 years and helps coordinate events for the Brahma Kumaris in Leeds.
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