Online Event, , Brighton

Everything in our lives is chosen, either consciously or unconsciously.

All our choices yesterday, last year, 10 years ago have resulted in where you are today, what you do today, and what you have around you today.  This is hard for many people to swallow.  They prefer to see life as faithful, or luckful and therefore avoid responsibility for their own destiny.  There are many random, uncontrollable and unpredictable events, but our destiny is not defined by these events.  It is defined by how we respond to them.  Our responsibility, our ability to respond is always in our own hands.

A short talk with a chance to ask questions and ending with a meditation.  Why NOT take a break and join us?

The host will connect you when the event starts.  Please keep your microphone muted and camera off (bottom left of the live screen) so as not to distract the other participants.  You can change your view by selecting the Speaker/Grid View options in the top right corner, or swiping the screen sideways on a smartphone or tablet.


All our events are offered free of charge - voluntary contributions are gratefully received.


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