24 Goals in 2024

December 20, 2023 | Brahma Kumaris UK

While most of us start the year with good intentions and big resolutions, so often they fall by the wayside. Instead, let’s try something different, something that feels doable and a lot easier. Let’s tackle one small goal at a time. As we know, small goals lead to big results. Let’s grow together and be inspired by each other’s specific goals, progress, insights and discoveries.  Starting January 2024, you will receive an e-mail twice a month with a new theme, through the year. Each theme will include actionable ideas, a meditation, an affirmation and a reflective question.

This is for seasoned goal-setters, as well as those who are new to meditation and personal development. To find out more and sign up for this new initiative for the New Year offered by Inner Space Covent Garden, click here.