Raja Yoga Meditation

Why Meditate?

Most of us have very busy minds and a thousand things to think about. Which is why it is crucial for our wellbeing to give rest to our mind with daily shots of being truly at peace with ourselves and our world.

Raja Yoga is a simple method to rise above our chattering mind and find that peace. Every day. It helps us know and experience who we really are inside – separate from the many different roles we play and labels we are given. We call it ‘soul consciousness’.

Understanding, valuing and trusting this inner self, the soul, and its natural qualities and strengths brings greater self-confidence, balance and meaning to our lives. Barriers that have come up between us and others – or even between us and a Higher Energy or God – start to dissolve.

Anyone can meditate. All that’s required is a bit of understanding and know-how and regular, dedicated time to practise and find out how to make it work for us.

Our courses, events and meditation sessions are free because we don’t want money to be a barrier to anyone wanting to learn this ancient skill. So we cover our costs with voluntary donations from those who themselves benefit and choose to support our work

Benefits for health and wellbeing

There’s quite a bit of research as well as anecdotal evidence to indicate that meditation practised regularly can contribute significantly towards our general health and wellbeing.

How? Being able to bring ourselves into a feeling of peace and wellbeing is a really powerful and valuable life skill. Then, even when things aren’t going ‘right’ – or rather, especially then – we are able to deal with the situation more easily. With a calm, clear mind we save our energy, see the bigger picture and are more likely to make better decisions. 

Stress, anger and fear, although understandable, only make things worse for us. They put an additional strain on our physical health and our immune system. Practising Raja Yoga meditation helps us understand better the roots of these strong, toxic feelings that can overtake us and replace them with thoughts that are constructive and in line with our inner values and the natural capacity for love, peace and wisdom inside each one of us. 

Video Guides

Guided Meditation

10 min

Who am I? | Learn To Meditate In 7 Steps

17 min

Choosing to Drop the Masks

09 min

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