There is something you can do to help create peace
in the world, and that is to make yourself peaceful



Even though I may not see the results immediately,
love always works



To be wise means to respond to situations with
understanding, care and compassion



is when I use every moment well


Brahma Kumaris at COP27, Egypt

An international team from the Brahma Kumaris are at the UN Climate Change conference, COP27 in Egypt. Their role is to raise awareness of the link between climate change and our consciousness. Sister Maureen from Global Co-operation House in London took part in an intergenerational discussion among climate champions, youth fellows and young people from the Brahma Kumaris at the Children & Youth pavilion entitled Actions of the Present, Attaining a Just Future. Click here for more about our activities at COP27 and other environment initiatives.

This portrait was painted by the late Ramnik Bakrania, a Brahma Kumaris student, in 1958. It won first prize in an all East Africa art competition and was sent to Her Late Majesty The Queen on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee.  

Sister Jayanti's Diwali message at Trafalgar Square

Over 40,000 people took part in the colourful and vibrant celebrations at Diwali on Trafalgar Square on Sunday 9th October. Sister Jayanti's message was broadcast on the big screen - you can watch it here. Sister Jaymini's short meditation brought the crowd into a collective experience of stillness and strength amidst all the joyful noise and activity. Brahma Kumaris also offered a Glimpse of the Goddesses - reminding us all of the inner, spiritual powers that we can develop through the practice of soul-consciousness and a loving connection with the Divine.

Online from Global Retreat Centre

Global Retreat Centre is now running a weekly outreach programme called Short Talks, Deep Insights on Zoom. Every Friday from 6.30 to 7.15 PM, an experienced spiritual thinker and meditator shares their thoughts on a particular spiritual subject for 30 mins, followed by Q&A and a short reflection. To find out more click here  

Faiths Run For Change

A total of 24 Brahma Kumaris runners of all ages and running experience took part in an Interfaith Fun Run entitled 'Run for Change' at StoneX Stadium, the Saracens Rugby Team home base in Barnet, North London on Bank Holiday Monday 29th August. Organised by the London Faith & Belief Forum, there was live music, arts and crafts activities and stands representing many faiths and cultures. Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, the Queen's representative in Greater London is seen here with Georgina Long and Rosemary Turberville by our Virtue Wheel which was a great hit. It was a magical family day out for all.  

Connecting with Commonwealth Athletes

Connecting with Commonwealth Athletes in Birmingham

A Brahma Kumaris representative met a number of Commonwealth athletes from India at the NEC and Commonwealth Village in Birmingham last month. Here, Sister Neena, who looks after Brahma Kumaris activities in the Birmingham area is shown meeting Anil Khanna, Acting President of the Indian Olympic Association, and Commonwealth Games Association of India and their Treasurer Dr.Anandeshwar Panday.  

@sisterjayanti on Instagram and Facebook

Sister Jayanti will now also be sharing her spiritual reflections, words of encouragement and news on two social media accounts just launched: 'sisterjayanti' on Instagram and Facebook. Click here to see her on Instagram.  

21 Days to Make a Difference - Your Relationship with Your Mind

A chance to help you make and keep a kind promise to yourself. This initiative was launched for UN International Day of Yoga but you can still start or continue with it here.  

Rev Professor Frank Whaling 1934-2022

It is with sadness that we heard of the passing of Rev. Professor Frank Whaling at the end of November. Emeritus Professor of the Study of Religion at Edinburgh University and Founder and Chair of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association, Frank had been a very close friend of the Brahma Kumaris since 1979. He subsequently studied the Brahma Kumaris deeply and made several visits to our spiritual headquarters in Mt Abu, Rajasthan, India. This culminated in a book 'Understanding the Brahma Kumaris', which was part of the Understanding Faith Series, published by Dunedin Academic Press. He is seen here at the book launch at Global Co-operation House in 2012. We greatly valued Frank's personal warmth, understanding and friendship, and our sympathies and thoughts of peace are very much with his family at this time.  

Celebrating the Link of Love - Raksha Bandhan

August is the month when we celebrate the beautiful festival of Rakha Bandhan - or 'Rakhi' as it's often called. Raksha Bandhan actually means 'the Bond of Protection'. It is a beautiful, silent ceremony in which we are reminded of the inner purity and protection that we experience through a loving connection with the Divine.

Rakhi celebrations will be taking place in many locations around the UK. Find out where you can join near you on our Events page (see Events menu above).

To find out more about the festival and experience a short meditation on the theme of Raksha Bandhan,

Click here for more details.  

Indian Triathlete Pragnya Mohan in Third Nehru Centre Conversation in August

Indian Triathlete Pragnya Mohan was our special guest speaker for the third online conversation on Thursday 18th August at The Nehru Centre marking the 75th anniversary of Indian Independence and the 50th anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in the UK. Pragnya had been in the UK to participate in the 2022 Commonwealth Games and joined bestselling author and Nehru Centre Director Amish Tripathi and Sister Jayanti in a lively conversation about Ancient Future - Rising Humanity.

The conversation can be viewed again here.

Click here  

Fresh Thoughts for the New Year

As we enter a new year, it's so valuable to create a little extra space in our day for quiet reflection. After all the festivities and busy preparations, take time for yourself to revisit your values and priorities and reenergise the inner being - the soul.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.  



The Secret of Happiness

The secret of happiness is to be free of fear. Fear is like a toxin that runs through much of our thinking. It feeds on insecurity, feeling of loss, loneliness, inadequacy and attachment.

You are loveable and loving. Accept this as Truth. Appreciate and care for yourself – truly, deeply, intensely, in a way that reflects your real value. Then you will automatically have the same regards for all other living beings and things.

Thought for Today

Good thoughts for a healthy mind