There is something you can do to help create peace
in the world, and that is to make yourself peaceful



Even though I may not see the results immediately,
love always works



To be wise means to respond to situations with
understanding, care and compassion



is when I use every moment well

What’s New?

A time for planting

January is an important month for all of us - a time for letting go of the old and bringing in the new. For the Brahma Kumaris it's particularly special, because January is the anniversary month of our founder Brahma Baba's passing. So we give extra time and attention to meditation and silence every day. Our aim is to reduce the 'busyness' and plant seeds of positive and constructive thoughts for ourselves, our families and our world. We invite you to create extra time for quiet reflection this month - wherever you are and whenever you can - as an investment for yourself and for the year ahead.  

Back soon…

Global Retreat Centre is nearing the close of its renovation works and will re-open its doors in 2022.  


Tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Tutu played a significant role in changing the course of history in South Africa, which became an example and inspiration for the whole world.

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One Golden Heart
Beating in Many Ways…

Every Sunday from 10th October until 28th November we have been celebrating the different specialities across the country with a series of regional online events to mark our 50 years in the UK. These events are all available to watch again via our 50 Years page. You'll also find there a series of special 'Good Wishes' video messages filled with love, gratitude and appreciation. The celebrations will continue in the New Year with a concert Walking the Way of Love - we'll share more details here soon.  




It is natural to feel worry and tension in a difficult situation – or to run away from the situation altogether. Although this may work for a short time, it is not a solution.

We have to draw upon inner courage in order to meet the challenges head on. When we do this, we often realise it is not as bad as it first appeared.

Thought for Today

Good thoughts for a healthy mind