Learn Raja Yoga Meditation - free 4 part course on Zoom

Thursday 02 December | 7:00 PM, Thursday 06 January | 7:00 PM | Leeds

This free course will be held over 4 consecutive Thursday evenings, starting on the 1st Thursday of each month. Each session is one and a half hours long. 

You need to attend the course from the 1st session. In order to attend you need to book by clicking "Register" at the bottom of this page and filling in the form.


The meditation which the Brahma Kumaris practise is known as ”Raja Yoga”.   It is based on an understanding of the soul's journey. In this course we will explore a simple meditation technique and learn how to reconnect with the original power of the soul. 

Session 1 'Working with our minds'

We take our first steps in meditation and explore ways to make our minds work well

Session 2 'Deepening our meditation experience'

We move from thinking to being and deepen our understanding of how the mind works

Session 3 'Raising our Consciousness'

We learn to rise above the mundane in order to experience a tranquil state of mind.

Session 4 'Recharging our Battery'

In this final session we learn to tap into the power available through meditation and explore ways to connect with the Divine.


After filling in the booking form,  you will receive your Zoom link and password in your confirmation email. If you don't receive an email, please check your spam file and if you still don't see an email, either email - leeds@uk.brahmakumaris.org or telephone - 0113 2757727.  Your Zoom link, Zoom id and password are at the bottom of the email so please scroll right down to the bottom.