Facing the challenges of our rapidly changing world

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Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn
A conversation between faith leaders and scientists sharing their vision of a flourishing and sustainable world.
Many people now recognise that as citizens of planet earth we are living through a critical moment of choice as we wake up from the slumber of materialism and profit at any cost.  Whilst our efforts have been focused on turning back the clock in order to reverse the damage done, perhaps the time has now come for a radical re-think, a re-envisioning of how to create a world in which we can all thrive.  
This event, as a contribution to The Great Big Green Week, brings together  faith leaders and  scientists to share their vision of what a flourishing and sustainable world would look like, along with practical insights as to what we can do to get there. 

Dr. Thomas Bruhn is a physicist leading the transdisciplinary research groupTransformative Spaces and Mindsets (TranS-Mind) at the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Potsdam.Dr Bruhn is also leading a project to explore how the transformation of mental paradigms and specific qualities like mindfulness and compassion can be integrated into processes for sustainability.  Before joining the IASS he did research on semiconductor nanomaterials in Berlin, Rome and Marseille. He is also a member of the German Association of Scientists (VDW).




Philippa Blackham is a journalist and radio presenter.  Having worked for BBC Radio 4 in the UK for many years she now coordinates a national project, 100 Women of Spirit, which recognises the spiritual contribution to society made by women.  She is an ordained Interfaith Minister and student of Raja Yoga Meditation with The Brahma Kumaris. 





Canon Giles Goddard has been Vicar of St John’s since September 2009. He is Chair of the Inclusive Church and is closely involved in helping the Church of England to be more fully inclusive. He is chair of Faith for the Climate which aims to support interfaith work on climate change and is a member of the Church of England’s Environment Working Group. He has also written a book: “Space for Grace – creating inclusive churches”.





Maureen Goodman is the Programme Director for the Brahma Kumaris UK and the Brahma Kumaris representative at the United Nations, Vienna. Maureen’s work with the spiritual and ethical dimensions of climate change explores the nature of harmony and the connection between our inner state of being and the state of our Earth. She was a member of the BK delegation to COP 26, contributing to workshops and dialogues on the ethical and spiritual dimensions of climate change.  She also contributes to the Spirit of Humanity Forum, a  platform for leaders to discover new and values based ways to move forward.




James Mair is Emeritus Professor of Marine Biology.  He has done 40 years of research and teaching activities at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, together with collaborative research projects on marine biodiversity studies in various countries in Latin America. He is interested in the connection between human spirituality and its practical application in ecological sustainability activities.  Prof Mair has been a guest speaker at Brahma Kumaris side events at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity COP14 in Egypt in 2018 and at the recent UN Oceans 2022 conference in Lisbon.



If you cannot join us in person, watch online at : www.globalcooperationhouse.org/WatchLive

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