Spiritual Solutions... For Easing Anxiety

| London
When our feelings are heavy and complicated we seek experiences that are simple and light. 
For this, Spirituality invites us to work smart and not hard. 
By developing an inner eye that is kind, curious and healthy, we easily experience peace and joy and discover clarity in amongst the mayhem of our suffering.
About the Speaker: 
Based at the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, Rajasthan, India, BK Brother Surya brings with him over 5 decades of experience as a Raja Yoga meditator and teacher. 
His ability to make wisdom practical coupled with an immense fondness for simple yet deep mediations continue to inspire people across the globe. 
BK Brother Surya is being honoured at the Global Peace Summit, Oxford University with the prestigious "Nelson Mandela Leadership Award 2023"
This is an In-House and Online event 
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