Inspiring Inclusion

| London
In a world of diverse cultures and perspectives it is more important than ever to navigate a path toward a future where everyone has a feeling of belonging and is valued and appreciated for their unique contribution.
Samantha Fraser in an empowering conversation with Waltraud Idir exploring:
·  What are the barriers to inclusivity?
·  How do we break these down and build bridges that unite?
·  Tangible strategies to cultivate an inclusive mindset
·  What is your vision of such a world, what would it look and feel like?
Waltraud (Val) has practised Raja Yoga meditation for 20 years. She is passionate about self-empowerment and community cohesion. Based in Croydon, her professional background is in developing inclusive international projects in training, education and self-leadership as a consultant. Val is experienced in working with people from all backgrounds.  
Samantha Fraser has been a primary school teacher for nearly 25 years. Although born and educated in the UK, she spent 20 years  working in different countries in Southern Africa as a teacher and also coordinating activities for the Brahma Kumaris centres there. Samantha is currently based at the Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire.
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