Soul Connections: The Story of Reincarnation

| London
From the viewpoint of eternity, the ‘story of our life’, is actually only a chapter in the ‘story of our lives’. The characters we think we are meeting for the first time, are more often, souls we are reconnecting with for the spiritual progress of the soul. Many of our relationship struggles, challenges, joys and loves can be understood clearly once we see from the soul perspective.  
Urvashi Patel has been with the Brahma Kumaris from a young age. Originally from Bradford, Urvashi has become an integral part of the International Coordinating Office of the Brahma Kumaris in London. Her friendly and adaptable nature has led her to play a wide variety of roles which span from producing large scale public events to supporting the maintenance of BK centres across the UK. She believes her key to success is teamwork and creating harmony within everything she does.
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