Practice Makes Perfect

| London
To become an expert, whether a doctor, a pianist, a physicist, takes a lot of time, a lot of practice.  However you, the being, can never become perfect through practise, because you are already perfect. Perhaps whole and complete would resonate more with most people than perfection.  In reality though, our journeys, individual and collective, have brought us a long way from this truth.  So just like a ballerina needs to practise each and every step in order to create the wholeness of the dance, what do we need to practise in order to return to the wholeness of who we are?
Using her own study and practice, both professional and spiritual, our speaker this evening will discuss the pay-offs of practice and what we might need to do on a subtle and practical level to find our way home to ourselves.
Dr Astrid Bendomir is a busy professional running her own medical health clinic in Aberdeen.  Born in Chile of German parents, Astrid lived and studied in Peru, Spain and Italy, where she began her medical studies. Completing her post graduate degree in the UK, she became a Senior Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a Breast Surgery Fellow, before moving into occupational health.  Before opening her own clinic, Astrid was medical advisor to oil companies in Aberdeen and worked as part of an Emergency Response Team.  An experienced Raja Yoga meditation student and teacher, Astrid oversees Brahma Kumaris activities in Aberdeen.
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