Open to Inspiration - An Artist's Perspective

| London
All our great creative works are inspired by some higher consciousness and can transport the watcher or listener to another world of thoughts and feelings.  
In this talk Carole will share her understanding of how inspiration works, the importance of silence as the soil in which creativity flourishes and some of her own personal experiences of what magic can unfold when we allow this to happen.
​Carole Glover has been an artist all her life and has had many exhibitions all over the world, including in Russia and China.  During the Bosnian war she went with an international group of women to Zargreb to work with ​refugees and got involved with​ a peace project called:  ’Through Heart to Peace’​. ​ Carole came across the BKs in Nottingham in the mid 90s and has been an active member of local interfaith groups since then.  Carole was instrumental in organising student exhibitions at Nottingham University on the theme of peace​ and made an installation as a part of a local Arts festival​.   Carole now lives in Lincoln where she is a chaplain for the University and runs courses in Positive Thinking and Raja Yoga Meditation.
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