Serving humanity with the energy of the heart

September 12, 2021 | Neville Hodgkinson

One of the biggest calls to humanity at the current time is the call for compassion. But what does it really mean, to be compassionate? It clearly is a strength that helps us see the needs of others, but it would not be real compassion to let our own hearts bleed because of the suffering of others. It does not help to mistake sentimentality as compassion. Feelings of great sorrow damage the heart and eventually destroy compassion.

We need a strong heart to be of value to others, and to know how best to behave in situations of suffering.

At the other end of the spectrum, some harden their hearts excessively, usually as a response to hurts and pain that they were not equipped to handle. There is no need to blame ourselves for this, but we do need to understand. Hard hearts can appear powerful; they get things done, they often ‘win’, but they cut themselves off from other people and lack consideration and perception of the needs of others. This can lead to disaster, on both a personal and national level. Hardening of the heart cannot last for long without serious consequences to health, both individual and in society.

The heart is an amazing organ with vibrational structures that link it with the brain and the rest of the body, and even beyond. Ground-breaking research at the HeartMath Institute in the US has shown that it generates a powerful electromagnetic field that can be detected several feet from the body, and is directly involved in intuitive reception. What is going on in our own heart influences those around us, and also determines the kind of energy, being generated by them, that we “tune into”.

This has to do with a phenomenon called the resonance effect. A heart that is hurting is more likely to pick up negativity from others, while a heart pulsating with its natural, intrinsic rhythms of peace, love, and compassion will remain strong. We will then be better able to see the situation clearly, and know how to help.

The power of the heart’s field increases when there is coherence within, with physical, mental and emotional energies all aligned.

The world is in turmoil at present, and the need for strong, resilient hearts has never been greater. For this, we need to take good care of ourselves. Rajyoga has taught me two powerful ways of doing this.

One is to practise the understanding that we are spiritual beings, who come from a pure spiritual source that is full of the strength I want in myself. Learning how to connect with this purest source of peace and love takes care of both heart and mind, and restores an energy that allows me to relate to the outside world in a more giving, less dependent way.

Then, as I learn to live in this way, it is as if many more blessings come my way from others, so that my own hurts continue to be removed.

D a d i J a n k i , t h e 104-year-old head of the Brahma Kumaris, who passed away last March, once said: “The entire work of the BKs is all about the head and the heart: this heart of mine is filled with happiness, and this head and brain are cool.” The care she took throughout her life to keep heart and mind connected to the divine enabled her to share this strength with countless others.

Neville Hodgkinson is a UK-based author and journalist, and a long-time student of Rajyoga.