This is an opportunity for transformation

This is an opportunity for transformation

September 20, 2021 | Sister Jayanti

Looking at the world right now, we wonder if this is a time of crisis or opportunity. We all understand that we are living in precarious times, and we all recognise the need to rise, support and help others.

Spiritual traditions share insights into principles and practices that will be helpful in doing this. We all are aware that love can do magic. Every faith tradition has emphasized that time spent in silence, prayer or meditation develops one’s inner power and capacity for love. The power of love will increase our capacity to serve and support those in need. Ignorance of love allowed violence to erupt against the human family and nature itself.

From a spiritual viewpoint, the current circumstances hold an incredible opportunity for transformation.

Transformation of the self and transformation of this planet. Looking at time from a linear perspective, it feels as if we are approaching the end of an era. We are totally unsure of what comes next, if anything at all. However, looking closely, we can see that days, months, seasons and nature itself moves in circles and cycles. Interestingly, there is not a straight line to be found in nature. Humanity has always gone through periods of light and darkness and there was always a new beginning. Seeing time in a
cyclical way offers hope for the future and teaches us humility and compassion. This is the most critical period in history, and time is asking humanity to take the lead in a transition to move from the lowest to the highest, from negativity into goodness, truth and beauty.

Humans do have an incredible potential to bring change to the world. We have to open our hearts and minds to the divine and reconnect with our eternal self – the soul. This interaction will liberate us and set free our creative potential. Once we visualize a better world, we soon realise that compassion, love, peace and joy are among the most essential qualities. Mind is above matter!

The world is definitely at the turning point where soon the darkness will end and there will be a world of light, a better world in which there can be truth, justice, love, happiness and peace for all. Let us join hands in this task and create a beautiful world.

B.K. Jayanti is the director of the Brahma Kumaris’ services in Europe.