World Peace Conference at Houses of Parliament

May 23, 2023 | Brahma Kumaris UK
Sister Maureen and other representatives of Brahma Kumaris attended a World Peace Conference at Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament in London on 16th May. Entitled Creating World Peace and Sustainability in the Post COVID-19 and post Ukraine Conflict Era, the event was organised by the Magna Carta World Peace & Sustainability Foundation. Sister Maureen was invited to share a few words at the end of the conference. Appreciating the insights shared by all the children, women and panellists who spoke, she was particularly struck by the findings the Magna Carta Peace Index, which indicated that a country that is stable and peaceful within its own borders is less likely to get into conflict with other nations. Similarly, when we as individuals are able to keep ourselves peaceful, that creates an attitude and atmosphere that enables our relationships to be peaceful and harmonious.